My husband, Shaun http://sobyskitchen.blogspot.com/ is always on the search for fresh, local foods. If they're organic, cage-free, and beautiful, well he's hit the jack pot! Imagine his excitement when he found these beauties the other day! They are from a micro-farm in Traveler's Rest, SC. The name of the farm is "Good Things Grow Here". The farmer (Richard) feeds his chickens flax and other high-nutient seeds to ensure wonderful tasting bright yellow yolks! I can't wait to eat one! I'll let you know how it tastes...



This is Haley.
She is graduating this spring!
She let me shoot her senior pictures!

We had a lot of fun!
Of course, she made it very easy for me!
because, as you can see,
...she is very photogenic!

Thank you Haley!



Each week I will be posting raw (untouched) images of various things. Sami from this blog http://sailorandcompany.blogspot.com/ actually started this fun game. Look at her blog to see other raw images:) Just look for the raw(e) logo on the left hand side of her blog.


Guess what I did today...

I went to the circus with Colin's K-4 class today!
I hadn't been since I was little,
BUT it did not disappoint!
I will totally go back again next time they roll into town!
Enjoy the pictures...

The "Serpentine Sisters"
Guess how many people fit into this box.
If you ask me, the one wearing yellow actually got the raw end of that deal. She must have picked the short straw this morning :)
Cool pink lady with lots of limbs.
The finale...
It was a pretty amazing show!



This is Lucille...

The other woman in my husband's life.

She showed up yesterday.

He has been flaunting her around the neighborhood all day :)