Baby Blue Eyes

Look at these eyes! There has been absolutely no photo editing done to them! They are actually this blue! BEAUTIFUL!!!


Two Shoot Thursday

I had 2 photo shoots yesterday!

The first was with a little one named Kensley. She just turned 1 on Sunday. I had lots of fun following her around Denny's Plaza downtown snapping pictures of her and chatting with her Mom and Mimi! Happy Birthday Kensley!

My other shoot was a maternity session with my friend Sara and her family. She works with me at Barnes & Noble. When she announced she was expecting, I knew we had to take some pictures! She's due in June, and is expecting a girl. Congratulations Sara, Bart, and Elizabeth!


A Rainy Afternoon

Is the perfect time for splashing!


A Fallen Tree

The theme this week is "this week". It has to be a photo (any photo) you've shot this week.
We went on a Sunday romp thru the woods, and I got this shot.
Head on over to Sailor & Co.'s blog to see more "this week" raw photos.



Isn't she gorgeous?
She's my newest cousin (2nd cousin)!
I got to take her picture tonight in my new studio!
That's right, I have a studio now!
I transformed one of our bedrooms into a studio with lights, backdrops, and a few props.
I am super excited!
Olivia here was the first to test it out!
Thanks Olivia!