Labor Day

Labor Day in South Carolina was very rainy, but we already had plans to go to the mountains. Our destination was supposed to be sliding rock. We promised our boys that we would go before summer was over.
So, even though we woke up to gray skies and mist, we packed our towels, dry clothes, snacks, and headed up the Saluda Grade. 

Once we arrived in Pisgah, it was pouring. We inquired in the ranger station, and they confirmed our suspicions... Sliding rock was closed due to dangerous conditions.

Well, we didn't let a little rain stop us!
I pulled the beach umbrella out of my trunk, and we set out...

We didn't go to sliding rock, but we did see Looking Glass Falls which was swollen and powerful from the heavy rains!

Then let the kids play run wild in the rain for a bit...

And just enjoyed being with each other... 
That's what it's all about.
We are so richly blessed!

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